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Peter John Mangan (April 2013)
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Friday 23rd June 2017

Friday 23rd June 2017

"Every effort is made each year to publish and distribute the annual 'Mitre' out to our many Readers through out the World during the month of June.
Unfortunately, due to personal reasons, this has not been possible this year for which I apologise.

I am confident that the 2017 publication of 'The Mitre' will be ready for distribution during July.

Best wishes to you all.

John Wallington

Monday 24th April 2017

Mike Shellock has kindly provided an early 1969 OMA newsletter,
This can be found in the
 Library Page


Thursday 16th February 2017

Tributes have been paid to King’s Lynn Labour councillor Ian Gourlay,
who passed away aged 67 yesterday after suffering from cancer since 2011. 

Monday 6th February 2017

Newsletter 2017

Tuesday 6th December 2016

On behalf of our President Simon Pott and all Members of the OMA Committee,
please accept this message wishing all of our OMA Members, New Members, Lapsed Members 
a Peaceful and Happy 2016 Christmas and a Healthy and Enjoyable New Year.

We all look forward to welcoming as many of you as possible to the 2017 OMA Reunion weekend over 28/29 October 2017.

Best Wishes

John Wallington
Old Michaelian Association

Tuesday 1st November 2016


A word of Thanks to all Old Michaelians, and their partners friends and family,
who attended the OMA Anniversary Reunion weekend in Hunstanton last weekend.
It was truly a very successful weekend and , from the reports I am already receiving, greatly enjoyed by all who attended.

 We were asked to contribute to the Ingoldisthorpe East Window Fund during the Anniversary Dinner on Saturday evening
 and the collection taken at Ingoldisthorpe Church during the Anniversary Eucharist on the Sunday
and I am delighted to report that the Old Michaelian Association were able to deliver
 £700 towards the Fund. A truly magnificent contribution and worthy of a huge

We were fortunate to have loads of photographs taken during the weekend by Bill Cullin and David Pleming.
 These photographs will be appearing on the OMA Web Site in due course

Once again, on behalf of the whole OMA Committee please accept my sincere thanks for making it such a successful Anniversary Reunion. 

Best Wishes
John Wallington
Old Michaelian Association


Sunday 18th September 2016

Current Paper Clipping
For The Anniversary Reunion.

Lynn Freebie

Saturday 4th June 2016

2016 Mitre Now Published

Mitre 2016

Friday 22nd January 2016

Photos sent in by Geoff Preston

Gallery 8

Sunday 20th December 2015

A Very Happy Christmas and New Year to all of our many OMA & OMAA Members.
We look forward to meeting with you in Hunstanton towards the end of October for the OMA Anniversary Reunion weekend.
More information will be following soon.

Best Wishes

John Wallington

Tuesday 8th December 2015

Geoff Preston has found the O.M.A.
Former Teacher 1962 to 1963.

Sunday 15th November 2015

Just prior to the O.M.A. Reunion weekend towards the end of October, news was brought to our attention of the death of Christopher White.
Many OM’s will remember Christopher White as a Teacher at St. Michael’s School between 1963 and 1969.
The Old Michaelian Association would wish to offer our sincere sympathy and condolences to the friends and family of Christopher White at this time.
An article will be placed in ‘The Mitre’ next year and we invite OM’s to register their memories of Christopher for publication.

John Wallington

Tuesday 3rd November 2015

First O.M.A. Booking

OMA Booking 1984.jpg (1087698 bytes)

Thursday 29th October 2015

I want to take this opportunity to say a big THANK YOU to all Old Michaelian's, together with their partners,
 who found the time to join us in Hunstanton last weekend as we celebrated another O.M.A. Reunion weekend.
 It is still astonishing that we are still attracting such a good response from you all each year.
 So, on behalf of our President Simon Pott and all Members of the O.M.A. Committee please accept our thanks.

We look forward to welcoming you all back to Hunstanton towards the end of October 2016 for...........the BIG ONE!!

Best Wishes
John Wallington

Sunday 25th October 2015

Well, What a fantastic reunion we had,
Especially with the new faces that appeared.
I do hope you all got home safe and sound.

Don't forget to start spreading the word about the big 70th Reunion next October.

Thank you to all who attended.

Friday 5th June 2015

With Regret.

Marcus Ernest Dixon Wortley, BSc

Marcus, born in May 1933, was a contemporary of mine at St. Michael’s during my time there (1946-50).
We were in the same classes throughout and sat School Certificate at the same time.
He was a border and was one of the original pupils, becoming Head Boy. He was gentle, academic but sporty and a great asset to the school.

He was the only son of the Rev. Wortley, rector of Swanington, Norfolk. He had three sisters, one of whom, Mrs. Joan Wallace, lives in Heacham.
He was an accomplished musician and composer and an organist at St. Peter Mancroft, Norwich.

He joined the Norwich Union at its Head Office in Norwich and became an estates manager.
I was his Best Man when he married Maureen, a Norwich Union executive’s secretary.
She suffered poor health in later life and died a couple of years or so before Marcus. They had no children.

Just before his death, he had a humorous book published “Placing the Limerick” (which can be purchased on line).

He died aged 80 on 22nd. August, 2013 and his funeral took place at St. Peter Mancroft.

Ian Richmond.

Saturday 30th May 2015

"It is with much regret that we announce the sudden death of Timothy Tooke on Sunday 24 May 2015.
The funeral will take place at Tilney All Saints Church on Wednesday 10 June 2015 commencing at 2:15pm followed by a private cremation".


Monday 9th March 2015

Heacham Organ
Article by Chris Gibbs

Heacham Organ

Wednesday 18th February 2015

Here is a YouTube Clip that may be of interest,
King's Lynn to Hunstanton by Train
Ye Olde Black and White.
Sent in by Harold East.

Saturday 7th February 2015

I received a telephone call this past week and, as a result, it is with regret that I inform you that the husband of Judith Polson (nee Boggis) sadly passed away last Tuesday.
We offer to Judith and the family our deepest sympathy at this time.
John Wallington.

Tuesday 27th January 2015

2015 Newsletter is now available to view In the Library
or link on below.
2015 Newsletter

Saturday 15th November 2014

Two Programmes Of St Michaels Theatre Productions.
Supplied By Chris Gibbs.
To Be Found In The Library
Or Click On Links Below.

Peter Pan

Where the Rainbow Ends

Friday 1st August 2014

It is with much regret that I must inform you that Gordon Wood aged 76 sadly passed away on Monday 28 July.
A service of Thanksgiving for Gordon's life will be held  at ST Peters parish church
Woodhall spa on Friday 8th August 2014 at 3 pm.

John Wallington.

Tuesday 24th June 2014

It is with enormous sadness that I received an email this morning from Richard Munge in respect to our fellow Old Michaelian and friend David Winter.
David passed away some two months ago, hence no response to our phone calls or emails.
John Wallington.

Sunday 18th May 2014

New information about the school transport provided by Mike Shellock

Wednesday 9th April 2014

Some Photos Supplied by
Cherry Hollingworth
of a trip to
Scotland 1965

Gallery 8 Archive

Saturday 26th October 2013

It is with regret that I have some sad news,
David Lee from Hunstanton, cousin of Sara Lee, sadly past away earlier this week.
I gather the funeral for David Lee is to be at 12.15 pm on Friday 8th November at Mintlyn Crematorium
followed by a Wake somewhere close by but I do not have that detail.

Wednesday 17th April 2013

"Simon Pott (President), Bob Hill (Chairman) and the whole OMA Committee want you all to be aware that one of our Member's,
 namely David Winter, is very poorly at the moment at his home in New South Wales, Australia.
David is a strong supporter of the Old Michaelian Association
 and makes every effort to travel the long distance between Sydney and Hunstanton
 to join us at Reunion weekends whenever possible.
If you remember David Winter (and even if you do not) and you would
care to write directly to David to offer your own personal support at this difficult time,
 please do so without delay and I can assure you your email will be very well received".

 Many thanks

Wednesday 17th April 2013

Peter John Mangan Has found the O.M.A.
My name is Peter John Mangan and I was a day pupil in 1959 period,
 My face is in the college photo of 1959 16th from left, back row.
 I remember PeteJohn Best,Warboys, Lee,  to name a few! It would be nice to make contact.

Wednesday 14th November 2012

We have just received some sad news.
The Funeral arrangements for Mary Hartley are
 Thursday 22nd November 2012
 Upwell Parish Church at 1.45pm Kings Lynn Crematorium at 3.15pm.

I though it appropriate that you should all know what a beautiful funeral service followed by cremation,
nine OM's attended on Thursday 22nd November 2012, first at St Peter's Church, Upwell and afterwards at Mintlyn Crematorium, Kings Lynn.
At the Church there were approximately 450 mourners, a vast number who went on the the Crematorium where others attended who had not been at the Church.
I am at a loss for words to describe how wonderful it was.

50_20.JPG (80164 bytes)

OM's attending one or both services were

Robin and Jenny James
Reg and Pidge Wood
(The above have been firm friends of Peter and Mary, and attended in excess of fifty reunions together)

David (John) and Sandie King 
Michael and Ruth Chilvers
Bob Hill
Geraldine Ellison (nee Moorehouse)
Muklis Oweiss
Ian Dupont
Pat Frost (nee Dove)
Old Michaelians asking to be represented at the funeral were

Simon and Jenny Pott
John and Angela Wallington
Jeremy le Poer Power
Robert Balshaw
Frank Dixon
Valerie Fendick (nee Jermyn)
Judith Polsen (nee Boggis)
I apologise if I have missed anyone.

Best wishes
Bob Hill. OMA Chair.

Tuesday 25th September 2012

Can anyone remember any more names of Staff and their subjects.
Staff Page

Or remember other school Transport.
School Transport

or Any buildings used.
School Buildings

Thursday 23rd August 2012

I hope that you do not mind my contacting you but I wanted some help in getting a few facts about a famous holiday with one of the double deckers owned by St Michaels when a group including my late husband (he was teaching at the school then I think) went around the north of Scotland.  He always talked about this and although we managed to get to Scotland by train before
we had our family other circumstances prevented us from going back when the children were older and then it was too late.

I have always wanted to do this as I have the booklet in which John detailed the journey done and the distances.  I promised myself I would do it when I retired but has to be put off for another year.

I want to go to  Cape Wrath anyway and I am now quite experienced in driving by myself to Scotland and the Highlands but not north of Inverness!

I realised afterwards that I was not really sure if John had actually got to Cape Wrath as in those days you had to walk and I think those who did got alift back with the coastguard!!

I have been kindly made an honorary member of your association so get the magazine.  I really wanted to be in touch with someone who went on that trip either one of the young people or else another teacher perhaps who could give me a few more details especially if John actually got to Cape Wrath. Is there anyway maybe an appeal could be put in the Mitre for someone to get in touch with me via email.

I am  happy for my email to be published if necessary - I am rather hard of hearing and one of the reasons I have put off my nostalgic trip till 2014 is that I am having a cochlear implant eary next year and need to get used to it before embarking on a journey of a lifetime so to speak.  Sorry this is rather long and would welcome any help or someone else to get in touch with.
Many thanks Cherry Hollingworth

Wednesday 23rd May 2012

Messages about Martin can be sent to me to add to the Guestbook Page.

Guestbook Link

Sad News.

I have just had a phone call from Barbara to say that Martin died on Sunday at 3pm.
The funeral will be held on 14 June at St Helen's Church at Lea (Gainsborough) at 1.15,
 followed by cremation at Lincoln Crematorium at 2.30 (Family only).
Refreshments will be provided in the Stag's Head (DN21 5ET) local pub for the congregation.
The date of the funeral has been delayed due to the Rector being on holiday and one son also unavailable any earlier.
John King.

Monday 16th January 2012
I have consolidated the older issues of the Mitre in the Library ( Pre .pdf versions )
They are now a bit easier to read through.

Tuesday 1st March 2011

"It is with much sadness that we report the sudden and unexpected death of our colleague and Association Secretary John Worboys on Friday 25 February 2011.
The Association offers to John's family and friends our sincere condolences on behalf of everyone associated with the Old Michaelian Association.
A full report will be included in the 2011 'Mitre' later this year in memory of a very much liked colleague and friend.

Thursday 11th November 2010
Please Find Attached An Article
Page Clowse

Saturday 24th July 2010

Letter from Bill Kelly

Saturday 3rd July 2010

I was called Friday evening by Page Clowser's wife Sarah and advised that Page had suffered a stroke while in Burnham Market,
he was taken to Kings Lynn hospital and unfortunately died early Friday morning.
Page, born in August 1938, was one of the first pupils at St. Michael's. He was a very keen sportsman playing cricket and football in the first eleven. He was very popular and well thought of by all Michaelians.

I have just had a call from Page's Wife Sarah who now tells me Cremation will take place 1.45 pm  Friday 16th July
 at the Mintlyn Crematorium near Kings Lynn.

He will be missed by all Old Michaelians who knew him.
Frank Dixon.

Wednesday 21st April 2010

I see from yesterday's Lynn News that John Tweedy Smith  died on 7 April, he was 71.
Funeral April 26th at Snettisham Parish Church. I believe he was an old boy - but did not know him.
Pat Frost

Sunday 3rd January 2010

Following our long holiday, I have just caught up with the arrival of various publications.

In the 'Three in One', the Ingoldisthorpe parish magazine, I found the following article, which shows appreciation for our donation. Perhaps John Wallington can find space in a Newsletter or the Mitre to inform people of our Members' generosity on these occasions.

'On Sunday 25th October the Old Michaelians held their Annual Reunion Service at St Michael's Ingoldisthorpe in the Century year of the birth of the Revd Canon Roger Pott, who was the Founder & Head Teacher for many years. Aware of the prospect that the Church Heating Boiler will soon need replacing, they gave their generous Gift-Aided Collection amounting to some £300 to the fund. The PCC at St Michael's are very grateful for this donation.'
Best wishes
John King

Monday 30th November 2009

Steve Browning talks about St Michaels on BBC Norfolk Radio.

Wednesday 18th November 2009
It is with much  regret that we announce the passing this Month of Tony George.
Pat Frost was contacted by his daughter Amanda.
He used to run the 'film club' with Michael Plemming and they were good friends.
He will be surely missed by those who knew him.

Wednesday 18th November 2009

Lynn News, Reunion Photos.

 Link changed to see photos easier
Thanks to John Barrett.

Thursday 10th September 2009

It is with much  regret that we announce the peaceful passing on September 4th 2009 of   Peterjohn Best  in Sudbury,
 after a long  illness at his home , he was 64. 
He was a popular school boy at St Michael's School between 1954 -1963  . 
We offer our sincere condolences to his partner Penny and his family . 
May he rest in peace. 
Funeral will take place on 17th September at Long Melford Parish Church.
The time has yet to be confirmed, but will be around 1.30pm

Saturday 10th January 2009

Lynn News January 9 2009 - Death of Princess Di's former Headmistress
I wonder how many Old Michaelians will remember Miss Lowe who taught the 'little'uns' in the fifties.
  She then went on to found Silfield School in Kings Lynn which Princess Diana attended. 
Funeral at St. Margarets Church, Kings Lynn on January 23(no time given)


Friday 2nd February 2007
Old Michaelians may wish to view this website "Heacham on line" lots of photographic memories of Heacham.
Regards to you all, John Barrett

Readings By Patience Tomlinson
A Tale That Is Told

Friday 24th December 2004
It was reported in today's Lynn News that Eric Bocking died December 19th.
The item reads:
Bocking On December 19th 2004, suddenly but peacefully in Hospital, Eric, aged 80 of Ingoldisthorpe.
Dearly loved husband of Margaret. Funeral service at St Michaels Church, Ingoldisthorpe on Friday December 31st at 12 Noon.
Family Flowers only, donations if desired for St. Michaels Church may be made at the service or sent to: John Lincoln, 40 Greevegate, Hunstanton.
Tom Healey

Monday 11th October 2004
New Pages For The O.M.A.A.
Old Michaelian Association Australia

Saturday 15th April 2000
Today We Got Our Own Domain