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The Mitre is now available in PDF Format.
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Founding of St  Michael's

Mitre No.1 1961

The Links Below are in Clear Text And not in Adobe .pdf

Heacham Organ By Chris Gibbs

Where the Rainbow Ends, The Play

Peter Pan, The Play

 Pupil Register (All Together)

Pupil Register (Alphabetical)

The Staff Register

School Transport

School Buildings

God Bless St Michaels, "Mitre" 1966

The Founding of St Michael

Below are still some extracts from previous Mitres in clear text.


The Mitre Spring 2004

The Mitre Autumn 2004

The Mitre Autumn 2005

The Mitre 2006

The Mitre Spring 2002

The Mitre Autumn 2002

The Mitre Spring 2003

The Mitre Autumn 2003

The Mitre Spring 2000

The Mitre Autumn 2000

The Mitre Spring 2001

The Mitre Autumn 2001

Mitre First Issue1961.

The Mitre Autumn 1997.

The Mitre Spring 1999

The Mitre Autum 1999