Old Michaelians Association 

Hi  all O.M.A.A.  trust you are all well or as good as it gets as we get older.

News from the mother ship or more accurately the honourable John Wally informs us that they have gone hi tech with the distribution of the Newsletter and The Mitre.

We of course in the outbacks of the colony are still relying on the pigeon post or some of you more extravagant O.M.A.A. 's may have lashed out on the later version of the kookaburra post which calls twice a day, morning and evening.

So if you have subscribed to one of those talking handset things and connected it to your television or whatever that look alike box is , you may wish to try this new fangled method.

Apparently all you have to do is type -  sorry yes you need a keyboard thingy - www.oma.org.uk . and hit the "enter" key . Sorry you cannot tie the message to your pigeon or kookaburra. Apparently the www thing is a "cloud " and your birds would die in there.

Your television thingy will now show you the O.M.A. web site.  This is where we have the Australian influence as  I  am assured that the web site is so called after the Australian funnel web spider.

You can now go to the Library and read the latest newsletters etc. Not sure that I remember a library at St Michael's but it is there now cos  I  went there. Apparently it is in colour but my black and white box is fine for my level of requirement

Please try this new fangled communication and let me know how you got on. If you hit any issues let me know.  If you still want me to send the documents to you via pigeon or kookaburra let me know and  I  will send them to you.

O.M.A.A. Library

O.M.A.A. First Reunion

O.M.A.A. Gallery