We have a thriving, active Association but we have one insurmountable problem, there are NO new “Old Michaelians” in 45 years since 1969, so what we have we must keep, keep that is if we want the Association to continue to be the success that it is today.

Membership is solely about about  'Friend ships'.... 'A Shared Past'.... 'Anecdotes'.... 'Do you remembers'.... 'I wonder where's'.... 'Did you hear about's'.... 'Isn't old so and so is beginning to look his age'.... 'We are sorry to have to tell you about'...and above all... 'THE REUNION'    

  What other comparable organization can, without having had ANY new blood for 30 years, still boast a membership that meets so regularly and in such numbers?

To stay vibrant the O.M.A. needs the support and commitment of it's members and, Contribute to "The Mitre" and DO PLEASE COME TO THE ANNUAL REUNIONS. If you haven't been to one in recent years you will be amazed at how much you will enjoy yourselves. Above all, please give us your support.


If you would like to join the OMA please contact
Ruth Chilvers on

Membership Application-Renewal Form (2015-18 & Life)


Now to the reunion! I'd like to remind you all of how important they are. We sometimes don't recognize each other as some of the old boy's have lost their hair (some never had any.   Ed,), some have extremely wide partings and some have put on a little weight. As for the girls, we are as beautiful as ever! This has to be seen to be believed so please make an effort for us. It is wonderful to meet the same faces every year but we need ALL OF YOU to make the pilgrimage. It really is great fun and of course none of us has actually aged at all.....that is from a distance of at least 500 yards!!!!!!

Please do try.

                                                                        Rachel Gunter